Fantastic Tree Surgery in Bedford

A tree surgeon is a horticultural maintenance engineer responsible for planting, pruning shrubs and branches, felling trees, splitting logs, hedge-cutting and replanting. The professional term for a tree surgeon is an arborist or, less commonly, an arboriculturist, a professional in the practice of arboriculture sometimes known as tree surgery. Tree surgery is really important for both home and commercial properties in removing old and dangerous trees therefore allowing more light to filter into your premises. In this case therefore it is important to acquire the services of a professional tree surgeon from time to time instead of carrying out the work on your own since you could be doing more damage than good.

If you are living in Bedfordshire and in need of the services of a tree surgeon Bedford, then look for no other place, at Tree Specific we have highly qualified tree surgeons consisting of a group of professionals with NPTC standards who provide undisputable care for the trees and we have been in business for up to 20 years. Aiming to provide high quality tree care with a genuine interest to conserve and care for the local trees in Bedford is our mission. As Tree Specific, we are here to help prevent future problems and help take care of the existing ones.

Our tree surgeons are knowledgeable about the needs of trees and are well equipped to provide proper care. We specialize in everything from tree planting, pruning, to stump removal and ensuring the highest customer satisfaction. Some of the many other activities we do include; fruit tree pruning, thinning or crown reduction, sectional dismantling and every other tree maintenance aspect. As much as we prefer preserving tree life, in other situations such as when a tree has grown out of inconvenience or has become a potential danger to a structural integrity and felling of the tree is required, our team of surgeons are experienced and qualified and have the skills needed to fell trees of varying sizes in a professional and timely manner without posing any danger to anyone or anything. After doing all the work we ensure to tidy up the work site leaving it clean. Usually when called upon to provide our services, we first send a team of tree surgery professionals to survey the work site and to come up with a comprehensive report about the nature of work needed.

Tree surgery requires the use of heavy machineries, climbing trees and using chain saws which are all risky therefore we have all our tree surgeons insured in case of any accidents that may occur during work. In any case however, we have the best quality equipment and our team possesses the latest modern safest working skills and practices for provision of best quality service to our highly esteemed customers.

Here at Tree Specific we pride ourselves on a quality service and focusing on providing high level of customer service all the while remaining competitive.