Young driver lessons

Ideal Driving Packages for Your Youngster

Would you allow your teenager to get behind the wheel of your car? This might be hard to answer since you may ask: “why entertain the idea in the first place?” Well, it’s not advisable to let them drive the car, especially in public places, if they are not trained. Luckily in the UK, there are young driver lessons offered in the driving schools that you can enrol your kid in.

When the children are trained, you can expect them to act responsibly when driving around the neighbourhood. The practice will prevent them from getting into accidents when driving. By the time they reach the right age, they will have the skills and confidence to sit for the adult driving tests in order to get the full license.

Driving Packages for Youngsters

There are two major packages for kids aged 3 years and above:

  • Standard package: This program allows your child to choose between driving the manual and the automatic car. The cost for the package is £49. The child gets to learn how to drive right under the guidance of a team of friendly instructors.
  • Premium package: This program also has options for the manual and the automatic car. The package costs £79. The high cost is due to the extra advantages attached to the package. For example, after the training, your child is offered a flash drive with pictures of their driving experience. When learning to drive, there is usually a designated photographer who is assigned with the responsibility of photographing your kid during the training.

The next time your youngster shows interest in your car and asks if he or she can drive it, you should take him or her to a driving school for youngsters. The young driver lessons will equip your little one with the necessary driving skills.